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Nonsmoking Painters, LLC for over 10 years has served hundreds of happy residential and commercial clients. We provide a diverse spectrum of painting, plastering and other luxury coating related services with a 100% focus on total customer satisfaction. We provide top-quality painting and plastering with lifetime warranties at the lowest prices guaranteed. In addition to top-class painting services, the company provides top-class lime/marble plaster ("Venetian plaster") and multi-colored SplatterStyleSM paint and plaster services and has a rapidly expanding business offering these luxurious solutions to clients worldwide. Building upon its success serving its cherished clients in Florida for over 10 years, the company  is hiring and seeking to expand worldwide and intends to serve its cherished clients long into the future with absolute top quality painting and plastering contractor services.

The quality and value of our interior and exterior repaint work for both residential and commercial clients is unrivalled. For exteriors, we properly prep and repaint/recoat all of your metal trim (window frames, soffit, fascia, flashing, pool/patio enclosures...), as well as stucco and concrete surfaces, and our multi-stage, meticulous expansion crack repair is absolutely top-class (much longer-term and minimally visible solution).  For interiors, we cut precise lines and work intelligently and cooperatively with all design consideration, including options for our artistic lime/marble plaster specialties. We have an excellent eye for color and harmonious color combinations and work meticulously with you to ensure the maximal aesthetic effect.  We use top-quality paints and provide them to our clients at very low market rates as we do not mark up paints and other materials (other painters markup paint and make a profit on it, we don't). We provide free initial inspections and short-form proposals (with more in-depth, lengthy, advanced consultations billed at $30/hour) and as well as free semiannual inspections after job completion and all our work comes with a lifetime warranty. Since our founding over 10 years ago, we stand by our lowest price guarantee: We'll beat legal/licensed competitor's proposal with similar quality specifications by 15% or more. There are vast differences in quality among painting contractors. Get our detailed proposal, inspect our customer sites in your neighborhood, compare and get the best quality for the lowest price. Fully licensed and insured.

Some of our services include the following:

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Details of our specialty lime/marble plaster offerings :

Nonsmoking Painters, LLC, Brevard County, Florida based, licensed & insured, painting contractor
since 2006, and licensee of Limellian Plaster, Stucco & Coatings, LLC, provides exquisitely
beautiful lime/marble plaster
("Venetian plaster")  at amazingly affordable prices.

We provide lime/marble plaster in any color and a variety of textures and styles for commercial
and residential spaces, including walls, panels, ceilings, cabinets, furniture, mouldings,
room dividers, plaques, signs, medallions, masonry, framed artworks, murals and more.

Our lime/marble plaster, comprised of lime and marble, is sourced from Limellian Plaster, Stucco & Coatings, LLC
with all ingredients sourced from the USA, tinted to any color and applied expertly with stainless steel trowels
by skilled artisans in a variety of textures to replace drab orange-peel, knockdown and popcorn
 wall and ceiling textures, then burnished with stainless steel trowels and optionally sealed or polished
with lambs wool buffers and caranuba/bees wax blends, producing a durable, maintainable,
natural-looking,, multi-tone, multi-sheen, adoration-inspiring enhancement.

We have created the world’s first line of lime/marble plaster mouldings featuring a variety
of standard themes including beachside, marine, garden, food & drink, nature, wildlife,
aerospace, defense, sports, business and more, and we will render your
custom images into various creative forms of lime/marble plaster.

Our lime/marble Plaster and oil-based paint kitchen cabinet solutions
transform standard kitchen cabinets into pure opulent luxury.

In addition to lime/marble Plaster, Nonsmoking Painters provides complete residential and
commercial professional painting contractor services including interior & exterior repainting
of all surfaces and expert color and style concepts. We tint our lime/marble plaster in-house
and assure the maximally harmonious synergy and integration with your color choices.

Visit our website for hundreds of photos of our lime/marble plaster creations, call us today
for a free consultation and let us amaze you with the affordability as
well as the marvelous beauty of your new lime/marble plaster.

Nonsmoking Painters, LLC is offering beautiful lime/marble plaster ("Venetian plaster") with appearance similar to marble but much more affordable. lime/marble plaster is applied by the age-old, manual technique by artisans with steel trowels and other special tools and objects, and applied through standard and custom-produced stencils, and then burnished / polished using steel trowels, fine abrasives and variable speed buffers. Unlike many artistic painting companies, our artisans alternate their time between complete interior/exterior repaint work and lime/marble plaster production. Our company recognizes this as essential because of the intense and physically demanding use of the shoulders and wrists in lime/marble plaster production and other painting contracting work. As such, we schedule our artisans' time with care and consideration to our artisans so as to mitigate the risk of repetitive stress injury in any physical endeavor. Artistic-only painting firms typically charge much more for lime/marble plaster than our company. In any case, lime/marble plaster is not "cheap", but our company makes it very affordable due to our thoughtful, caring workload management and mission to make lime/marble plaster ubiquitous which allow us to offer lime/marble plaster at  prices 15% to 50%+ lower than the competition. Call us today at 321-21-NONSMOKING (321-216-6676) for free samples and a custom proposal.

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